Taking advantage of an opportunity to live authentically

I saw a Facebook post from a young person I know who said that instead of going back for the next year of college, they are taking advantage of an opportunity and doing some work in a completely different industry from their college major.  That means that technically, this person is a college dropout, which they never expected to say about themselves.  (A humbling reminder that ¨college dropout¨ doesn´t mean that the person did something wrong to prevent themselves from returning!)

I must say that I feel SO INSPIRED by this person´s decision.  I´m happy to see someone diving in and exploring something that intrigues them.  It is my (unpopular) opinion that we need to follow our hearts whenever possible, instead of always doing the ¨right thing,¨ like going back to college, or going to college in the first place, or choosing the sensible job.  It is not the right option for everyone!  Unfortunately, that makes some people think I´m an incompetent school counselor.  But I don´t care.  In fact, I feel sorry for those people.  They are living by rigid standards and projecting those standards on other people.  Those standards are not One Size Fits All.  People are so different.  We have different interests and values.  Different things drive us and inspire us.  Why do we not honor ourselves by trying to live more authentically?????

I´m a school counselor and a dreamer…two things that are mutually exclusive.  My job is rooted in the expectation that most kids go off to college.  The greater the percentage of kids who go off to college, the more successful the high school, it seems.  If a kid wants to go into a trade, they´re a failure.

As a dreamer, I respect that dreams are different for every person.  My dreams tend toward the holistic and helping professions, while others need to be outdoors or work with their hands.  Some people start down one path and change their minds, and that´s ok.  (In fact, I´m trying to come to terms with that in my own life.)

So rock on, young person who is exploring a different path.  May your story inspire others to also live more authentically.  Cheers!

Taking advantage of an opportunity to live authentically

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