Guns. Fighting.

I have to admit that I’m somewhere in the middle of the gun debate, which, as I think of it, seems very weird coming from someone who hates seeing *anything* hurt.  I’ve always hated hunting (even though I know that in some ways, it’s necessary), and I couldn’t imagine killing something on purpose.  But I know a lot of responsible gun owners, and I respect them.  (To be fair, though, I know some asshole, showoff gun owners, too.)

But here’s the thing: •I have friends who love guns.  •I have friends who hate guns.  •I have friends who are Republican.  •I have friends who are Democrat.  •I have friends who are athiest, Christan, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and more.  •I have friends who are gay and friends who are straight.  •I have friends who are transgender or who simply don’t look like a member of their actual gender (some of my female friends dress more masculine).

And one thing I’ve seen over the last few days is people spitting insults back and forth.  In particular, I’ve seen gun lovers claiming that “the Democrats” are going to want people’s guns taken away.  Why must one group paint another group with such a wide brush?  I personally take offense to this statement because I’m a Democrat who can see good points on both sides of the argument.  And I think that if we took a break from spitting insults at each other, we could respect the other side.  Maybe we won’t agree, but we can at least try to consider where the other side is coming from.  When we’re fighting, we’re hatefully dividing our citizens, when in reality, we all want pretty much the same things.  Freedom is pretty high up there – Some want freedom to carry guns that they believe will protect them from a dangerous situation while others want freedom from being shot, so they believe that we should get rid of the things out of which bullets fly.

But instead of insulting the other side, couldn’t we kindly state our case?  I’d listen if some would engage in a civil discussion with me.

There’s so much more to this, but my head is swimming with thoughts, and I’m tired.

Guns. Fighting.

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