Oh no…I´m thinking again

I have kind of a wild train of thought going here, and I´ve been doing a lot of my thinking while sweeping and cleaning litter boxes, so let me see if I can remember any of the things I wanted to write down.

Today has been a day of crucifying other people in social media, and it makes me sad.  At the top of the list seemed to be the mother of the boy who got into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, which ultimately led to the decision to shoot and kill the gorilla to rescue the boy.  I´m not going to lie – I probably thought some of the same things for a fleeting moment, but I also realize that the same thing could happen to ANY of us.

You may scoff at this notion, but it´s true.  Every parent has had one of those ¨oh shit¨ moments, whether it´s that the child fell, or grabbed a hot bowl of soup from the counter, or got their hands on a sharp object.  But thankfully, most of the time the child is ok.  The hot bowl of soup thing happened with me just the other day.  I served up one bowl of soup and set it on the counter, and I was in the process of filling another bowl with soup for my other son.  My three-year-old walked in and said, ¨Is this mine?¨ as he reached for it.  Keep in mind, I have *another* bowl of hot soup in my hand, and there´s just no possible way to put down the ladle, put down the bowl of soup, and lunge across the kitchen to stop him.  I shouted, ¨Don´t touch it, it´s very hot!¨, but he was thinking ¨SOUP IN THE OWL BOWL!¨ and in one quick motion, he had picked up the bowl and sloshed some on himself.  Thankfully, he was fine.  I asked him why he was crying, and he said it was because I scared him when I yelled.  (Sure, I scared him, but it still didn´t do anything to protect him!)  Was I being neglectful?  NO, I WAS RIGHT THERE, WATCHING IT ALL HAPPEN, but sometimes, this is what kids do.  And sometimes, they do dumber things than that!  And sometimes, we can´t prevent these accidents.

This morning, a friend of mine tagged me in a video of a little boy who was crying because he was upset that people are ruining the environment and killing animals.  She tagged me because she said that it reminded her of how passionate my own six-year-old is about the environment.  I watched the video this afternoon, and it was adorably heartbreaking.  Then…I made the mistake of reading the comments.  People called him a pansy.  They bashed the mother for getting the kid worked up and scaring him and then sitting there recording it so she could get YouTube hits.  Again, from my experience, I can tell you that my own child will go off on rants like this.  He´s never sobbed  like that and I´ve never recorded him, but it´s not to say that I wouldn´t if he were talking about something important.  He´s passionate about protecting animals and the environment (pretty important things, I think), and if that´s what he´s thinking about, that´s probably what he´s going to be talking about.  A couple weeks ago, he (unprompted) started talking about the presidential primaries.  Not a topic I´d bring up with him, but let me tell you…he had some pretty strong opinions!

So when I started doing my chores, I grabbed my laptop to pull up a YouTube video to listen to while I cleaned.  I like listening to videos that teach me something about the things I love.  And I happen to love holistic medicine.  I love the holistic lifestyle in general.  I love spirituality.  (Which translates into videos about reflexology (which I´m hoping to learn and I´m saving my pennies to enroll in a class), or aromatherapy, or positive mindset, or EFT.)  I love all of the ¨woo-woo¨ stuff that many people think is weird.  I know it´s weird, too.  I grew up in a very ¨normal¨ family surrounded by people who went to college and worked and who did ¨the right thing¨ all of the time.  (And why wouldn´t they?  They had mortgages and families to support, and it was kind of necessary.)  I´m currently surrounded by a lot of educated people who work ¨normal¨ jobs and who live the American dream.  But there´s a part of me that is so drawn to the hippie side.  Some of those things I can do while peacefully existing in the ¨normal¨ world, like wearing weird deodorant and buying organic food, and the other part of me yearns to surrender completely–to study the hippie, woo-woo things that keep calling me.

Now I´m going to jump back to the other track, and then I´m going to bring the stories together.  I have a friend who is VERY against shaming other people.  She speaks out against mom shaming, slut shaming, and, well, all kinds of other shaming.  She is also very science minded.  She is not religious.  She thinks a lot of the holistic stuff is…dare I say…stupid.  And she is someone I respect greatly, because I believe she is a good person and she cares a lot about people and animals, so sometimes I think of her when I watch my holistic living videos.  I think she would probably think that I´m stupid for believing that stuff.

Today when I pulled up a video on Ayurveda, thoughts on all of these topics collided.  It hit me that there are a lot of very smart people who believe in holistic medicine and spirituality.  The video I watched today was a Ted talk by an Ayurvedic doctor.  I had acupuncture from a Naturopath.  These are *Doctors*!  These are people who are quite well-educated.  These people have dedicated many years to their education.  I´m sure there are some people who just phone it in and get lucky, earning a PhD or MD with minimal effort, but most have actually had to spend many hours (not to mention thousands of dollars) studying and researching.  These are not stupid people!

There is no single right way of doing something.  There are different approaches.  There are different beliefs.  I happen to believe in the less popular approaches.  It´s not because I *want* to.  I´ve tried to be normal.  I´ve tried to listen to reason and believe in the science, but I honestly don´t think that all science is good.  Some things are most certainly better because of science, but not everything…only when it´s convenient (much like religion, really).  People believe in science until we tell them that their gas guzzling SUV causes climate change, then science is stupid.

No matter how hard I try to shake it off, I can´t help but to believe in the simple, holistic approach.  The belief in the power of the mind, energy, love, prayer, simplicity, and the body´s ability to heal.  And that does not make me stupid.


Oh no…I´m thinking again

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